Full Circle Concierge and Lifestyle Management Services, located in Cincinnati, OH, is a Personal Assistant/Concierge and Errand service dedicated to improving your quality of life. We do this by helping you complete the ordinary time consuming tasks of life which leaves you time to focus on family, friends, and the activities that bring you great joy.

Services range from running any type of errand to caring for seniors to caring for your pets and home. We offer an extensive business referral directory with some of the best vendors the Cincinnati area has to offer. When you are in need of any type of repair or service, we can arrange for it to be done and even be present throughout the bidding process and completion of the project.

We consider "Seniors" our most valuable natural resource and therefore are very special to us. We offer special discounted rates and custom packages for the "silver" segment of our society.

All of our services are performed with the utmost compassion, dependability, confidentiality and professionalism. We are fully insured and bonded. Let us make you feel special, not just like the next person standing in line.

We offer services to individuals and corporations. One of our speciality areas is in Real Estate/Property Management. We can assist both the Realtors and investors to more efficiently manage their business.

Who Would Benefit From Our Services:
Senior citizens
Anyone with limited mobility or other health challenge
Busy professionals and families
"Sandwich Generation" (those caring for their own children and aging parents)
Real Estate Agents and investors
New parents
Homeowners Associations/ Property Management Firms

"It has been a delight working with Lori Dugan. From her personal attention to professional abilities, along with her easy and respectable manner, Ms. Dugan’s resourceful knowledge helps to complete the service that is reflective in the “Full Circle” name. A good value, but more important, a sense of comfort can be found in knowing you are in trusted hands." 

—Teresa Eagle and Mary Richmond- Anderson Township

"Lori Dugan has always exceeded our greatest expectations in completing any job that we needed to have done. She gives 110% effort to the job and completes it with a great deal of professionalism and personal touches. She is very dedicated to making sure that her clients are well taken care of."  

—Julie Fatora and Terri Kluesener - Delhi Township

Full Circle Concierge and 
Lifestyle Management Services

Providing help with the ORDINARY so that you may celebrate the EXTRAORDINARY